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Our system not only instills lasting winning behaviors but also equips you with a versatile framework to apply these principles to ANY future behaviors you wish to adopt.

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Access Our FREE INTERACTIVE 45 Minute Training, with Proven Steps to Get you on the Right Path to Results.

This is a free training that will take you through a proven process backed by science for real transformation. There will be an A.I. Coach to assist you along the way too. Its simple, but not easy.

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Fed Up With New Year's Resolutions That Fizzle Out by February? 93% of People Fail to Achieve their Goals.

  • Tired of the Diet Rollercoaster? Join the Minority Who Succeed Long-Term.

  • Feel Like You're Stuck in a Rut at Work or in Life? You're Not Alone—85% of People Feel Disengaged.

  • Addicted to Procrastination? Discover Why 70% of Us Put Off Today What Can Be Done Tomorrow.

  • Struggling to Kick Bad Habits? You're Fighting Alongside 50% of Adults.

  • Do Financial Worries Keep You Up at Night? You're Among 68% of Adults Who Feel the Same.

  • Feel Like There’s Never Enough Time? 80% of People Wish They Could Slow Down Life.

  • Struggling with Low Energy? 70% of Adults Report Feeling Fatigued Daily.

You deserve better.

And you can have better.

But ONLY if YOU change Your Behaviors!

What We Help YOU Develop:

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Tailoring Personalized Success Systems

"You Don't Rise to the Level of Your Goals; You Fall to the Level of Your Systems." - James Clear

Success is not a secret; it's a system. We help you craft that personalized system, combining your aspirations with proven methodologies. Unlock the power of systems with our proprietary 30 Wins Per Week System.

BBH Habit Tool Kit

Habit Tool Kit- Habit Tool Kit is a series of lessons, exercises and tools to help you build winning behaviors CONSISTENTLY. We leverage our 30 Wins Per Week Process to get you into momentum and creating little wins every day. The Package Includes the Following:

  • 30 Wins Per Week Self Study Program

  • Action & Habit Assessment

  • Find Your WHY Training

  • Craft Your "Wins"

  • Behavior Design Tool

Breaking Bad Habits Peak Performance Mentorship

Personalized Mentorship- This is our core offer. We Believe that personal development is, well personal. No journey is the same, this is why we customize the process specifically tailored to your goals and circumstances. We don't just teach you the system, we get you to live the system. We believe that direct 1:1 mentorship is necessary for specific direction. It's not the easiest model, but it's what works to get you RESULTS.

  • Customized Plan of Action

  • Daily Wins Strategy: Small Actions, Monumental Results

  • 1:1 Accountability Coaching

  • Research-Backed Strategies REAL Results

Why Work With US?

With over 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients all over the world we know what works and what doesn't. At Breaking Bad Habits, we’ve meticulously crafted a system that goes beyond traditional personal development approaches, diving deep into a personalized journey designed to catapult you into a life of winning, every single day. We fuse decades of tried-and-true personal development principles with cutting-edge scientific insights from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science. This marriage of timeless wisdom and modern science ensures that the process is not just about feeling good, but about getting real, tangible results. Every step, every win, is a part of a meticulously designed pathway that is as unique as you are.

Our process begins with clarity - a crystal-clear understanding of what you truly are going after and the ‘why’ that fuels that desire. We’re not talking about surface-level wants; we dig deep to unearth those powerful driving forces that are often buried beneath layers of societal expectations and self-imposed limitations. Each individual’s path is informed by a personalized blend of daily action steps, weekly accountability check-ins, and regular lessons designed to educate, empower, and propel you forward.

We’re not just about setting goals; we’re about creating a dynamic, responsive system that turns those goals into daily victories. Welcome to a world where every day is a win, tailor-made just for you.

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Daily Actions

Daily Actions: Crafting the Life You Dream Of

April 22, 20243 min read

In our journey through personal and professional development, the significance of daily actions often gets overshadowed by the allure of overnight success stories. However, the truth lies in the mundane—the small, consistent actions we take every day. - Kelly Nystrom-Boyer

Daily Actions: Crafting the Life You Dream Of

Think about your ideal life like building a house—every small action is a brick laid toward its construction. While we often dream of big, transformative moments, it's really the small, daily habits that form the foundation of our futures. Let’s dive into why what you do every day truly matters and how you can harness the power of daily actions to create the life you want.

The Power of Daily Habits

Your daily routine might seem trivial, but it has a monumental impact on your future. For instance, spending just ten minutes each morning planning your day can enhance productivity, or choosing a salad over fast food can improve long-term health. Research shows that about 40% of our daily actions are driven by these ingrained habits, not conscious decisions. This means the habit of reading just 20 pages a day could lead you to finish over 30 books a year, exponentially expanding your knowledge and skills.

Understanding Habit Mechanics

Delving into the mechanics of habits—cue, routine, reward—we find a roadmap to altering our lives. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that people who could identify and adjust their routines based on these components were significantly more successful in changing behaviors long-term. Think about it: replacing just five minutes of scrolling through social media with a quick walk or a mindfulness practice can drastically change your stress levels and focus.

Incremental Improvements

The beauty of incremental improvements is vividly shown in the world of sports. Athletes don't become champions overnight; they get there through relentless, small daily practices. Similarly, integrating small positive habits into your daily life sets you on a path to success, mirroring the compounding effect of interest in finance where small, consistent investments grow exponentially over time.

Making Every Day Count

Turning knowledge into action can be challenging, which is where a systematic approach comes in handy. By setting small, daily tasks, you create momentum. This isn’t just theory; neuroscience supports that repeated actions strengthen neural pathways, making new behaviors more automatic and natural.

Tailoring Your Path

Personalization is key in habit formation. Maybe your goal is to become more mindful—starting with just two minutes of breathing exercises each morning could be your stepping stone. Or perhaps improving your networking skills starts with sending one thoughtful, professional message each day. These actions, tailored to your personal aspirations, leverage the scientifically-backed strategy of starting small to build lasting habits.

Staying on Track

Consistency is where most struggle, but accountability is your ally. Engaging in communities or using habit-tracking apps are effective ways to keep yourself accountable. Studies suggest that people who track their progress are up to twice as likely to achieve their goals compared to those who don’t.

Let's Make It Happen

Start today! Identify a simple habit you want to develop or a bad habit you need to break. Make that small change, and then stick with it. Each day that you follow through, you’re building your personal success story.

Every day offers a new chance to mold your future. By focusing on the right habits and making incremental changes, you can build a life of success and satisfaction. Are you ready to transform your daily actions into a blueprint for personal achievement? Join us on this exciting journey, and let's make each day a significant step toward your grand vision.

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Kelly Nystrom-Boyer

With a B.A in science and a master's degree in education from San Jose State University, Kelly has dedicated over a decade of her life to shaping minds as a public school teacher. Her passion for growth and empowerment doesn't stop at the classroom door, however. With an impressive tenure of 10 years in the personal development sphere, she had the privilege of working closely with the renowned Bob Proctor for over 9 years, soaking in wisdom and enhancing her mentorship skills. Eager to contribute and lead within her community, Kelly spent a significant year immersed in her town's leadership program, further honing her skills and broadening her influence at a local level. Her commitment to self-betterment has led her to attend a myriad of personal and professional development seminars and trainings, with a notable credential being the John Maxwell Leadership Training.

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