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Our system not only instills lasting winning behaviors but also equips you with a versatile framework to apply these principles to ANY future behaviors you wish to adopt.

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Access Our FREE INTERACTIVE 45 Minute Training, with Proven Steps to Get you on the Right Path to Results.

This is a free training that will take you through a proven process backed by science for real transformation. There will be an A.I. Coach to assist you along the way too. Its simple, but not easy.

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Fed Up With New Year's Resolutions That Fizzle Out by February? 93% of People Fail to Achieve their Goals.

  • Tired of the Diet Rollercoaster? Join the Minority Who Succeed Long-Term.

  • Feel Like You're Stuck in a Rut at Work or in Life? You're Not Alone—85% of People Feel Disengaged.

  • Addicted to Procrastination? Discover Why 70% of Us Put Off Today What Can Be Done Tomorrow.

  • Struggling to Kick Bad Habits? You're Fighting Alongside 50% of Adults.

  • Do Financial Worries Keep You Up at Night? You're Among 68% of Adults Who Feel the Same.

  • Feel Like There’s Never Enough Time? 80% of People Wish They Could Slow Down Life.

  • Struggling with Low Energy? 70% of Adults Report Feeling Fatigued Daily.

You deserve better.

And you can have better.

But ONLY if YOU change Your Behaviors!

What We Help YOU Develop:

And Much, Much More!!!

Tailoring Personalized Success Systems

"You Don't Rise to the Level of Your Goals; You Fall to the Level of Your Systems." - James Clear

Success is not a secret; it's a system. We help you craft that personalized system, combining your aspirations with proven methodologies. Unlock the power of systems with our proprietary 30 Wins Per Week System.

BBH Habit Tool Kit

Habit Tool Kit- Habit Tool Kit is a series of lessons, exercises and tools to help you build winning behaviors CONSISTENTLY. We leverage our 30 Wins Per Week Process to get you into momentum and creating little wins every day. The Package Includes the Following:

  • 30 Wins Per Week Self Study Program

  • Action & Habit Assessment

  • Find Your WHY Training

  • Craft Your "Wins"

  • Behavior Design Tool

Breaking Bad Habits Peak Performance Mentorship

Personalized Mentorship- This is our core offer. We Believe that personal development is, well personal. No journey is the same, this is why we customize the process specifically tailored to your goals and circumstances. We don't just teach you the system, we get you to live the system. We believe that direct 1:1 mentorship is necessary for specific direction. It's not the easiest model, but it's what works to get you RESULTS.

  • Customized Plan of Action

  • Daily Wins Strategy: Small Actions, Monumental Results

  • 1:1 Accountability Coaching

  • Research-Backed Strategies REAL Results

Why Work With US?

With over 20 years of experience working with thousands of clients all over the world we know what works and what doesn't. At Breaking Bad Habits, we’ve meticulously crafted a system that goes beyond traditional personal development approaches, diving deep into a personalized journey designed to catapult you into a life of winning, every single day. We fuse decades of tried-and-true personal development principles with cutting-edge scientific insights from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science. This marriage of timeless wisdom and modern science ensures that the process is not just about feeling good, but about getting real, tangible results. Every step, every win, is a part of a meticulously designed pathway that is as unique as you are.

Our process begins with clarity - a crystal-clear understanding of what you truly are going after and the ‘why’ that fuels that desire. We’re not talking about surface-level wants; we dig deep to unearth those powerful driving forces that are often buried beneath layers of societal expectations and self-imposed limitations. Each individual’s path is informed by a personalized blend of daily action steps, weekly accountability check-ins, and regular lessons designed to educate, empower, and propel you forward.

We’re not just about setting goals; we’re about creating a dynamic, responsive system that turns those goals into daily victories. Welcome to a world where every day is a win, tailor-made just for you.

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Breaking Bad (Habits)

Breaking Bad (Habits): Crafting a Clever Escape from Bad Routines

March 12, 20243 min read

Small, consistent changes, when applied thoughtfully, can lead to significant transformations. So get creative, stay positive, and start rewriting your habit script—one action at a time! - Kelly Nystrom-Boyer


Ever wondered why we get sucked into the vortex of bad habits, even when we're dead set on breaking them? It seems like no matter how much we want to change, those pesky habits cling on with the tenacity of a sitcom character avoiding a serious plot twist. But fear not! There's a science to why bad habits are so hard to shake, and understanding this can be your secret weapon in the battle to break them.

What's Up With Bad Habits Anyway?

Bad habits are like those annoying pop-up ads on the internet. Just when you think you've got them under control, there they are again, disrupting your groove. They stick because they're wired into our brains through a loop of cue, routine, and reward. It's our brain's way of saving energy, but sometimes it gets a little too enthusiastic, solidifying routines that aren't exactly beneficial.

Why Are They So Sticky?

It's all about the brain's love for shortcuts. When a behavior becomes a habit, the brain stops fully participating in decision-making. It turns the behavior into an automatic response, so you find yourself doing something without really thinking about why or even realizing you're doing it. Breaking that autopilot mode is like telling your brain to ignore its favorite shortcut—it's doable, but it takes a conscious effort.

Here's How to Flip the Script:

  1. Spotlight on Triggers: First up, detective work. Pinpoint what sets off your bad habit. Is it a time, a place, an emotion, or maybe a particular sequence of events? Knowing your triggers is half the battle.

  2. Map Out Your Counter-Moves: With your triggers in sight, plan an alternative action. If boredom sparks an Instagram scroll fest, have a go-to list of quick, engaging activities as an alternative—like doodling or solving a Rubik's cube.

  3. Substitute, Don't Subtract: Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does your brain. Replace a bad habit with a better one. Swap out the sugary snack for a piece of fruit, or replace the late-night TV binge with a puzzle or a craft project.

  4. Shrink the Change: Overwhelmed by the new habit? Break it down. If you want to cut down screen time, start with 10-minute breaks instead of going cold turkey.

  5. High-Five Yourself: Every time you dodge the bad habit and embrace the new one, celebrate. Treat yourself to a victory dance, a sticker, or just a mental pat on the back. Positive reinforcement is your friend.

Let's Get Practical:

Imagine your bad habit is snacking on junk food when you're stressed. Here's your game plan:

  • Trigger Identification: Stress is your trigger.

  • Alternative Plan: Keep healthy snacks like nuts or fruit handy.

  • Replacement Behavior: Reach for the healthy option when the stress-snack urge hits.

  • Scale Down: Start by replacing one junk food snack a day with a healthy one.

  • Celebrate: Every time you make a healthy swap, revel in your success.

In Conclusion:

Breaking bad habits doesn't have to be a grim march of self-denial. By understanding what triggers your habits and creating fun, engaging alternatives, you can rewire your brain's automatic responses. Small, consistent changes, when applied thoughtfully, can lead to significant transformations. So get creative, stay positive, and start rewriting your habit script—one action at a time!

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Kelly Nystrom-Boyer

With a B.A in science and a master's degree in education from San Jose State University, Kelly has dedicated over a decade of her life to shaping minds as a public school teacher. Her passion for growth and empowerment doesn't stop at the classroom door, however. With an impressive tenure of 10 years in the personal development sphere, she had the privilege of working closely with the renowned Bob Proctor for over 9 years, soaking in wisdom and enhancing her mentorship skills. Eager to contribute and lead within her community, Kelly spent a significant year immersed in her town's leadership program, further honing her skills and broadening her influence at a local level. Her commitment to self-betterment has led her to attend a myriad of personal and professional development seminars and trainings, with a notable credential being the John Maxwell Leadership Training.

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